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J.D. Company Machining and Grinding Ltd. was founded in 1987 by an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field of machining and grinding.


The company specializes in providing accurate CNC milling and engraving services, round and internal grinding , flat and electro-erosion EDM. Manufacture and renewal of cutting tools for the metal, hi-tech, food and textile industries. Design and manufacture of complex systems, turnkey projects, machinery and spare parts for aviation, weapons and textiles. As well the company spesialize in water control industry producing fluices, faucet encluding parts.


The company has expanded and introduced additional state-of-the-art equipment in the field of machining, grinding and laser scanning.


The company places emphasis on providing fast and quality service while providing advanced technological solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.


Among the advantages that optimize the production process : the high level of quality and finish.


  • The grinding division complete the machining division, a course that results in a production sequence and compliance with the customer’s schedules.
  • The customer receives many services under one roof


The company is managed according to the international standard ISO 9100 at the aviation level since 1997. 


We will be happy to serve you in the variety of fields specified and share with you the accumulated technological experience that we owen.



About Us - J.D. Company Machining and Grinding Ltd




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